Saturday, April 30, 2011

Berry Bowl

8 x 8" oil on canvas panel; Black, White & Red series - SOLD ...


  1. "look at me, I'm a control freak!"

    Your strawberries are lovely.

  2. My memory is old and short--now what was the "control freak" reference regarding? Painting what we want? If so, yay--always a good thing!


  3. AMEN to all you said here. I think I should hang it up much of the time as I feel it's all vanity. (ever read Ecclesiastes?) I like the strawberries btw. Those little daily paintings are the ones I struggle with the most.

  4. Every now and then I sell a piece that really seems to mean something to someone--even though it's not always a painting I think is worth much. So perhaps there is something in that. Otherwise, part of the reason I keep painting is that this late in the game, I can't figure out how to do anything else. :-D


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