Saturday, October 31, 2009

Age Before Beauty

9 x 12" oil on linen/hardwood panel - SOLD
It seems that in art and politics, extremes generate the most attention. While I greatly admire and aspire to a more painterly style, my tendency is to work in a manner that is neither extremely painterly, nor tightly photo-realistic. So I wonder--is there any merit somewhere in the middle?

If I were taking Clint Watson's advice in yesterday's FineArtViews blog, the "social object" story I would tell about this painting is that I started it on the first day of the Sac Plein Air Festival , helped give myself pneumonia by standing outside in the wind all day, and ultimately had to pack it in for two weeks.


  1. Magnifique! Very lovely paintings... nice surface treatment and composition.


  2. I am thrilled to have this comment from Mr. Nez, children's book author/
    illustrator extraordinaire.

  3. Your painting is beautiful, and ... YES ... there is merit somewhere in the middle.

  4. Connie, just gorgeous, like all the pieces on this blog. I'm very inspired!

  5. Kathy--Thank you, and thanks so much for introducing yourself. Your work is wonderful (as you see, I'm also an egg fan) and I look forward to reading more of the "ramblings" on your blog.

  6. I love this...when I started doing watercolors the subject matter was often barns with old pickups; in fact, the same model truck as you have painted (at least I think this is a 46 Chevy).

    And thanks for the comment on my blog. It means a lot coming from you.

    I hope you are getting back to normal now.

    So long,

  7. a very nice work, good composition , good color, good every thing,congratulations

  8. Thanks so much, Pat and Jesus. Nice watercolor on your "El Diario" blog on 10/13, Pat. Very nice blog, Jesus.


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