Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Read

The DPW "Heather Challenge"
12 in. x 12 in. oil on canvas - SOLD
For last week's challenge, Carol Marine shared this striking photo I instantly wanted to paint (even if it took me a week to start.)

 For me, turning this reference into a painting required two things.
  1. Rearranging and tightening the composition. I moved the bicycle  behind the umbrella, took out empty space at the top, and turned the blanket so the sides are not parallel with edges of the painting.
  2. Making the strong complementary colors relate to each other—putting oranges and purples in the green, greens and purples in the blue blanket, color in the white dress, etc. I also muted the color of the bike, which I possibly should have removed altogether and lightened the shadows, keeping in mind that photos always make them darker than they really are. Whew!
This one's for Jim, who thinks I should do more figures.


  1. You did a lovely job with this--nice handling of the light. You should do more figures! Were you affected by the earthquake?

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. My Rocklin neighbor who bought this on DPW told me the same thing when he bought an earlier painting. As I told him, figures separate the men from the boys, and I should do more, even though they are not my strong suit. My biggest obstacle is not having easy access to models and/or time to attend painting sessions with models.
    No, east of Sacramento in the foothills, we didn't feel anything. They say a bigger one IS coming sometime in the next 20 years, and I'm driving to San Francisco weekly right now; so that makes me a little nervous!


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