Friday, May 30, 2014


8 in.x 8 in. oil on canvas - SOLD
Yesterday, art critic/blogger Brian Sherman made a case for art blogs being exclusively about the art and artist--“nothing more, nothing less...about the philosophy or meaning behind your work.”  I try, but as a blogger I am inconsistent at best. My most-read posts to date (on my discontiued "Fresh Paint" blog) are an argument (for myself) against photo-realism and an opinion about online art gallery usage agreements .  

In 2009, Elizabeth Gilbert gave an enduring, top 20 TED Talk about “elusive creativity”. Based on her idea of "having" rather than "being" a genius, here’s an unsurprising little insight about me: not only do I find my muse somewhat lacking in the genius department, I think she is a fickle wench. When not the center of my attention, she retreats to a corner to pout. Often I simply don’t have the time or energy to woo her. Rather than enticing me with whispers of inspiration, she whines and complains about her neglect. So together--my critical, fly-by self and my petulant muse--we paint and blog what and when we can and do our best to keep each other going.

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