Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hybrid Beet

8 x 8" oil on canvas panel - SOLD
Around the first of the year a number of people posted lists of rules for self-improvement, success, etc. However, for all practical purposes, and because I can't remember long lists, I think most of them can be distilled to two words: Don't quit. All else is nuance or addendum to that basic advice.


  1. Great advice, thanks for the write up.
    I like the transparent gesso too.
    And I really like the painting.
    But I hate this new google captcha..

  2. Thanks, so much, Erik. Most of my friends leave their comments on facebook now, so it's nice to get one onthe blog. Your portraits are teriffic!

  3. Good rule! I often feel like quitting. Nice to see that in bold print, it caught my eye. Thanks for sharing!


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