Monday, November 7, 2011

Freckled Fowl

14 in. x 18 in.  oil on canvas..
From a photo I took of a Hamburg hen that I turned into a rooster. Couldn't do without that big, red comb and wattle.


  1. A very striking painting Connie!

  2. Thanks, Mona. I have two shows this weekend and barely enough work, so mainly it was a fast painting!

  3. Connie, Thanks for sharing. And truly, I don't know why you would feel slimy making people pay for art, that they would have had to pay for if they'd approached you through the proper channels. They're stealing. What makes me feel slimy is that people do it all the time and think it's okay. I'd rather ignore yuckies like that in the world, and I certainly don't want to talk to them, but what are you going to do? It's like somebody robbing your house and saying "Oh well. Happens all the time." That's how I look at it. e

  4. You are absolutely right, of course. I was just reflecting one of the comments from the group about feeling sleazy. I guess I"m a push-over--DH told me I blew it by not asking for compensation--something New Yorker's would understand. Since the organization's representative was so unapologetic (upbraiding me for my "sledge-hammer approach" about merely asking that they remove the image they probably had been using for years), I can only imagine how they would have reacted if I had asked them for payment! But I wish I had.

  5. You should send them the link to my article "Calvin & Hobbes and Copyright Infringement" at . Maybe if she sees the potential lost income for you she'd understand? Of course, some people are just thick. So sorry that happened, and even sorrier they were unapologetic. That's just so wrong. Grrrr. e


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