Friday, May 6, 2011

20/20 Collection

Black and White and Red All Over
Since the show is called "20/20", I assume five of the 25 paintings we submit will be culled and/0r held in reserve as replacements. So if it were up to me (which it isn't) here are the 20 I might choose and a possible arrangement. OK, the last two are somewhat dry, and I am off to deliver them. Whew.

2014 update: All but 5 of these have sold. Three of those I tossed.


  1. Great work Connie, and best wishes with sales! Where is the 20/20 show taking place?

  2. Thanks, Mona. In Sacramento--announcement in the right sidebar.

  3. These are all super good. I didn't think a black and red combo could look so good.

  4. Thanks, Stephanie. As I noted somewhere (can't remember if it's in the blog or only in my statement at the gallery), although the subjects are black, white and red, little, if any, black paint was used. They're all chromatic blacks, and the paintings actually have a full spectrum of colors--which I think is part of what makes them work.


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