Monday, November 15, 2010

Open Studio Wrap-up

I sold eight paintings (one not shown), three original book illustrations and about 20 books during last weekend's 3-day open studios tour. Two were my favorites, others surprised me. I've concluded there's absolutely no predicting what will appeal to buyers. Although I had a some more expensive pieces, everything that sold was under $400. In some cases that was perhaps more than reasonable. Sure, I could have charged more; but would higher prices have offset the sales that undoubtedly would have been lost? My opinion is no. So overall, I am rather pleased. A couple of friends and some other nice people got my work, and it's good to have it out there, making room and creating incentive to produce new pieces.


  1. Congratulations, it sounds like a successful open studio event.

  2. Thanks, June. I didn't know what to expect and would have to say it went pretty well.


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