Monday, July 5, 2010



5" x 7" o/c
.....I decided to give this one to a friend I'm seeing tonight. She's the best designer I know and favors contemporary, mostly abstract work for herself. But she's also a majorly gourmet cook, and this is really small, so I hope she'll like it.


  1. Your friend is going to love it. What a nice gift.

  2. The piece is borderline abstract, bet she'll love it.

  3. Thanks, Paula, Michele and Anni. Blogger comments seem to be messed up right now, so not all comments are always showing up--but I got them.

    Her decor has a lot of earthy reds, so at least the color worked well, and she genuinely seemed to like it.

    The concert was great and the audience very enthusiastic. Although he always looks rather serious, between songs Jesse had an unexpectedly funny and entertaining line of patter.


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